Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 186]

“By ROE, with the Havenites being the alleged aggrieved party, they had say over how the inquiry went. They had the right to have you confessed about any salient point in your summation, and they chose to only confess you about the details of your shipboard coercion. They just assumed that the harnesses were legit, instead of confessing you to confirm or deny that assumption, and the accused were helpless to appeal.”

“What’s so incomprehensible? It was in their [the Havenites’] best interest to make the confessional choices that they made, considering their predilection for the culpability of the principals involved. Maybe it was a subconscious choice. And maybe it wasn’t. Maybe even they don’t know. Did the Federation try to coerce me? Yes. What did they intend to use to remote me with, once I had been brainwashed? Or more to the point … Was it a harness as alleged?  The Havenites didn’t confess me for the answer to that question.”

“Lose that condescending tone in your voice, young lady. I’m hardly a neophyte in matters of state. I’m well aware that …”

“BORING … You’re thinking way too deep and way too much about this. Geez louise, I don’t know that this was going to turn into a filibuster, if I had I would have never brought it up. Game over. Change the subject. I’ve indulged your whim about this enough.”

“Whim?! I’m your elder!!!”

“Yes … Whim … I didn’t stutter. And … Yes … I’m well aware of the fact that you’re my elder. There’s no need to remind me. You can punish me later for my impertinence. Maybe a spanking? I’d like that a lot. You’re so good at administering corporal punishment.”

The Dame knows that it’s utterly useless to engage in further discussion about the matter at hand. And, it’s just as pointless to try and stay mad at the girl. So, she just changes the subject.

“Geez louise, this sun is brutal. I just can’t seem to assimilate it, and neither can you. We’re burning like Food out here. I’m starting to peel.”

“Don’t worry; I’ve got plenty of lotion. When you’ve finished with me, I’ll do you next. And, by the way, I need to correct you about something.”


“That’s not the sun.”

“Sure looks like it to me.”

“It’s God …”


Mondo and ‘The Rock’ return in – “Code Dead”