Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 185]

“Spy craft aside … So, you didn’t lie?”

“Look, you know that Lady Justice is blindfolded.”

“Go on. And … Be specific.”

“This means that sometimes, you have to hide the truth and act as if it doesn’t exist.”

“Again you get cute and avoid answering a direct question. ROE is not something to be sidestepped when it proves inconvenient.”

“Stop trying to bust my balls. What’s key is that in front of eyewitnesses, that include Havenite police officers Hawk and Fisher whose reputations are beyond reproach, a maid at the Hilton who herself was undercover secret police reported seeing Xi and myself as having a parasite hooked into our backs. Too bad [for the Federation] that the maid is dead and thus she cannot be confessed to produce a far more comprehensive first-person testimony—so we’re left with the third-person perspective of eyewitness accounts of what happened. Had she lived, her confession might have refuted my evidence which could have led to their [the Federation’s] exoneration. Of course that assumes that if she had survived the Havenites would have chosen to confess her.”

“But … she saw you two harnessed. Correction, what she said that she saw is compatible with you two being harnessed. It’s not conclusive testimony, since it could have also been a select number of other controlling paranormals, but there was nothing inconsistent with that theory and furthermore …”

“To reiterate, she’s dead, and only she and God knows what she saw, and the last time that I checked neither of them is talking. So, we’re left with eyewitness accounts—admittedly hearsay about what she said that she saw. In other words, who the fuck knows what she really saw? Maybe she was a borderline schizophrenic who forgot to take her meds that day, had a psychotic episode, and was balls to the wall hallucinating. What matters is that the harnesses matched the description of what she said that she saw hooked into our backs and erupting through our clothes, and it reeks of premeditation—both the fore and the latter serve to cement my summation’s credibility in the eyes of an audience that was inclined to be sympathetic to it from the word go. Remember: I never said that those things were ever hooked into our backs; I said that they looked like the things that the maid said were hooked into our backs.”