Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 184]

“We rekall, humans cannot, nor can they share in ours, and they would hardly take our word [since we’re supernaturals] for what had been done to you on the Enterprise. The Havenites’ Confessor allowed everybody concerned to see, hear, feel, etc, exactly what happened to you on that Federation starship. But, since you didn’t know what Starfleet’s motives were, and this confession just like if it was your rekall was from your point of view, it’s pure conjecture as to what Starfleet was trying to coerce you into doing. You gave a plausible explanation as to why they did what they did to you in your summation. Of course their superiors know what they were up to but cannot say without admitting their own involvement. Plausible deniability proved to be a double-edged sword for the accused.”

“I did get the strong impression that whatever they wanted me to do, once I did it, they were gonna do away with me.”

“The harnesses were a plant, weren’t they?”

“Who’s to say? Maybe they were and maybe they weren’t. A girl’s gotta have her secrets, doesn’t she? Besides, when did I ever have the time to fab them? Shit! Toy is a perfect alibi. It had me sequestered for how long?”

“But anyone could have concocted those things.”

“Precisely … They could be Starfleet. They could be from a High School xenomorph lab. They could be anyone’s and anything’s manufacture. And, yes, I could have made them myself. But, if so, when did I have the opportunity to do so?”

“Toy mentioned time displacement when you two returned. You could have done it then, during the dilation.”

“I was very forthcoming about the TD. But … the Havenites didn’t pursue that line of questioning any further, which was their choice.”