Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 183]

“You’re not a trial lawyer and that wasn’t just some ‘ordinary’ case that was tried. It was ROE.”

“Same principle.”

“Then along those lines, whether it was true or not is NOT irrelevant. Since it was a summation in an adjudication of ROE, the truth matters. Your flippancy is a real sticking point with me.”

“You’ll get over it. My tongue will help you.”

“Besides the mind fuck part, how much else of your yarn in the queen’s boudoir was true?”

“Who’s to say any of it was false? I’ve yet to see any evidence presented in rebuttal. Then again, with spies involved, who’d believe ‘em if they did.”

“You’re dodging the issue at hand.”

“That’s your opinion. And … Technically, contrivance and innuendo are legit usages in a summation. Furthermore … I can hanky-panky all I want as long as I don’t tell a lie or get caught doing so in the process. I was well within my rights …”

“The post mortem, if you please.”

“Well, let’s start from the beginning.”


“One of their Confessors confessed me, confirming not only that I had been mind-fucked and by whom but also what the Federation had done to me—you’ll were able to experience what I had experienced, humans and inhumans alike, and it was unimpeachable. For painfully obvious reasons, i.e. the reveal at the police station, they [the Havenites] believed my accusation of coercion, but understandably with me [the accusatory] being supernatural, the accused being mortal, and them [the aggrieved] being mortal, I needed notarized corroboration for my story, and my confession provided that. The rest was easy.”