Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 182]


The Boy from Ipanema plays softly in the background …

Dame Chillingsworth and Mondo are sunning themselves poolside. Jack is off in the distance consoling himself with Lady Glenda [who has been recently released from hospital]. Dwayne is doing laps in the pool. They’re at The Motel, the first edifice that God created. Mondo undoes her bikini top and rolls onto her stomach.

“Would you mind doing my back?” Mondo asks, handing the Dame a bottle of suntan lotion. The Dame likes it when they play this game—the game of two sexually normal girls sunbathing. Of course, Mondo isn’t sexually normal and she enjoys burning in the sun and she equally enjoys seeing the Dame likewise burning.

“Of course not.”


“Who’d ever imagine that paring?” The Dame asks as she rubs the soothing lotion onto Mondo and stares at the cooing couple.

“Opposites often attract. Not to mention the fact that Jack is a hopeless romantic and a Presbyterian realist. So, no, it’s not hard to imagine that he’d end up with someone who reminds him so much of his beloved, deceased wife. Now, without more ado, let’s have at it—that’s what you’ve been itching for.”

“You used me.”

“You used yourself. You let your emotions get the better of you. Then, in the light of day, after the dust had cleared, you thought better—skeptical—cool, detached, professional. The summation is the trial lawyer’s final and perhaps most devastating, weapon. It is a time to persuade and a time to inspire. It is the opportunity to ‘tie it all together’, and to engender among the jurors an emotional reaction to the case. A close case may be won or lost in summation. Although the courts permit attorneys wide latitude to determine the content of their summations, it is not blank check. In an effort to paint the appropriate picture, counsel must be extraordinarily careful not to cross certain lines which could result in reversal of a favorable verdict.”