Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 180]

It’s been called a plaintiff’s wet dream and a defendant’s worst nightmare. It’s what prosecutors euphorically experienced in the second OJ Simpson case [the civil trial that followed that fiasco of a criminal case]. The trifecta of adjudication: A plausible explanation for a sequence of events that’s not in the defendant’s favor, a sympathetic audience to the plaintiff’s tale, and the defendant not being the most credible witness in their own defense. Why the credibility issues?

You’re a spy. Even when the facts are in your favor, people tend to not believe your side of the story. That’s the problem with being a spy: you’re a professional liar and an accomplished cheat by definition [it’s your job]. As such, it doesn’t take much for people to believe the worst about you; even the people who employ you never completely trust you. Needless to say, whenever an op goes south you’re often left hung out to dry, by your superiors who at best treat you as suspect. The same can be said of politicians.

“They’re both dead, of course. They look the things that, according to a now deceased maid at the Hilton who said in front of witnesses, were hooked into my back and Xi’s. They look like they’re native to this planet, morphology is correct to be indigenous, yet there’s’ no known terrestrial record of their species. Strange, isn’t it?” T.S. starts to say something, then thinks better of it, and keeps silent. Sir Sheinwald coughs nervously. Debra McCombs smiles impishly. The faces of Captain Riker and Security Chief Nash are unreadable. The Dame is obviously embarrassed by the revelation, and looks the part. “I assume you weren’t a party to this.”

The allegations are so obvious, that she [Mondo] doesn’t have to bother uttering them. Mondo coerced into murdering Queen Mary. Xi coerced into murdering Ancient Mia. Brilliant. A stroke of pure genius. The fictitious Perry Mason of Erle Stanley Gardner couldn’t have done it any better. The most effective manipulation is when the person manipulates themselves based upon their own assumptions.