Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 179]

Likewise those same players that see Queen Mary and her politics as a problem are just as foolishly outspoken about their view that the relationship between Haven and Ancient Mia is “ill advised” and seen by them [the Federation] as something that the Dragon [Ancient Mia] should seriously reconsider—that her neutrality where Haven is concerned would be “looked upon in a much more favorable light” by the Federation and humanity at large. Ancient Mia: Yet, another troublesome female that the Federation sees as a threat to them achieving a stranglehold on Haven and wished that she too would just “go away”.

That possessed maid from the Hilton and what she saw: something hooked into the backs of Xi and Mondo, erupting through their clothes.

Of all the loose ends and red herrings, her [Mondo’s] intuition told her that this [presented properly] just couldn’t be dismissed. It reeks of someone’s premeditation—for example, the Federation’s, if you’re so inclined and at least one person in this room is for sure.

The maid’s description could fit a select number of paranormal entity events [aka creatures]. That’s where presentation comes into play. The suspension of disbelief: An audience for various reasons, sometimes purely self-serving ones, is willing to accept your story as gospel—loose ends, red herrings, inconsistences, other reasonable and unreasonable explanations, and etc, aside—if your storytelling is to their liking—just like a lawyer’s summation in any judicial case—i.e. the fictitious Perry Mason or renown real life attorneys like the famous Patrick McCarthy or up-n-coming barrister David M. Hocking, Esq. Conversely, if you are not up to par and don’t hit the mark that same audience—with the same baggage of beliefs, life experiences, prejudices, misconceptions, preconceptions, etc—will nitpick your narrative to death and dismiss it as rubbish—a crock of shit.