Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 178]

Mondo breaks the ice without saying a word. Entertaining a fable, and it’s a duesey, she reaches back with double-jointed dexterity and unsurpassed flexibility an aplomb that rivals a contortionist’s, shoves her hand down her collar underneath her jacket, and pulls out two of something. The Vampire is grinning from ear to ear, literally. The smile then abbreviates to something much shorter and human looking when she sees the desired expression elicited from certain faces in the room. She plops the two “harnesses” on the floor.

What if you want to murder someone and decide to employ misdirection to conceal your involvement? Maybe you … Use a medium under the influence—in other words; use a harnessed individual who’s been thoroughly brainwashed to commit the homicide. What if things should go awry and the patsy gets caught before you can dispose of them properly? Ideally … Make sure that the damning evidence exonerates you. Barring that … Upon scrutiny [by the authorities] make sure that their [the patsy’s] influence cannot be proven to be of your doing.

Queen Mary looks in turn at Captain William Riker (guilt by association), Security Chief Helen Nash (spy), T.S. Eliot (spy), Debra McCombs (spy), and Sir Nigel Sheinwald (politician, possible spy). The queen is none too happy. It hasn’t taken much for her to jump to conclusions. So, there must be a humdinger of a backstory. And, there sure is.

The assumption: Evidently … The Havenites weren’t the only ones who were playing for high stakes.

People like T.S. and Sir Nigel have made it no secret how they feel about Haven visa vie pan nationalism and its Typhoid Mary [Queen Mary], and how they wish that somehow the “problem” [both the queen and her politics] would just “go away”. Upon seeing the harnesses, by her [the queen’s] way of thinking: Looks like the Federation made a run at doing just that.