Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 177]

As a footnote, the Time Lords discovered the hard way that Havenites define Opposition Party and practice dissidence in a far different way than anyone else does in Creation. Havenites demand to be ruled by no less than the strongest and smartest, and only by their own people. The opposition and dissidence exist to insure that. When the current Royals proved to be nobody’s puppets, when they confirmed that they are the most competent to rule, when they reiterated their profound tactical and strategic capabilities, when the Time Lords time and time again came up short and had their plans thwarted by the Royals, when the Time Lords unlike the Royals proved ineffectual against Simon Angel as he butchered locals [Simon murdered foreigners and locals alike], when the Time Lords were unable to contain Mondo [a foreigner aligned with the Royals via obligation] and The Toy [an unaligned machine of ill-repute]  this last failure proving to be the last straw for the insurgents, those same pro-democracy elements who the Time Lords had come to bolster, turned on the Time Lords. Allies became enemies, in an instant.

The dissidents, the naysayers, the harsh critics of the current regime, the anarchists, etc, aligned themselves with the Royals against the Time Lords. Blood is always thicker than water. The Time Lords’ survey team was captured, brutally tortured, and killed, and the rescue team the Time Lords sent in to liberate the survey team met the same fate.

From their interrogations of these well-meaning do-gooders the Havenites have mined numerous ways to improve their own usages of alchemy. Breakthroughs followed in short order. Now, Havenite alchemy rivals that of the Time Lords. The interrogations that yielded this windfall were quite heinous, and these atrocities involved the Time Lords being subjected to the usual array of tortures that have been in standard use since The Inquisition of the Middle Ages. In addition, the confessed were subjected to electro-shock, the pillory, lobotomies, enslavement by native Vampires, etc—some were even eaten while still alive as two-legged mutton. If you have a sick mind, you name it, you think of it, it was done to those Time Lords—young and old—men, women, and even children.