Come Spy with Me

Come Spy With Me
Counterintelligence and Security do not need your help.
The threat is external only.
There are friendly intelligence services.
Security can fix the problem downstream.
Counterintelligence and Security are only about investigating violations of law.
It will never happen to me.
It’s just history, so it is not relevant for today.
You can undo what you have done.
It is sufficient to just protect your secrets.
The only mission Counterintelligence has is to identify and prosecute spies.
They do not have the technical capability to collect information against us.
The Security Officer is responsible for Security.
* The Foreign Intelligence Service is continuous, long-term, subtle, and pervasive.
* The U.S. remains vulnerable and it is imperative that suspicious activity is reported in a timely and accurate manner.
* You are the first line of defense in preventing and reporting espionage and attempted collection activities.