Kansas City Communities Jump on Google Fiber Bandwagon — 1 gigabit Internet!!!

Google Fiber

Several communities in the Kansas City region are well on their way to getting 1 gigabit Internet from Google Fiber.

According to stats posted on the Google Fiber website, about two dozen neighborhoods have secured enough pre-registrations for Google to roll out its service there next year.

Topping the list is Wornall Homestead in Missouri, where 71 people, or 20 percent of the “fiberhood,” has paid $10 to pre-register for Google Fiber. In Greenway Fields, MO, 65 households or 19 percent have registered, followed by Countryside, MO with 121 pre-registrations for 18 percent of the fiberhood.

In some communities that reached pre-registration goals set by Google, the company has pledged to provide free Google Fiber at certain locations. In Wornall Homestead, for example, it will roll out to Border Star Montessori. In Countryside, it will be available at Bryant Elementary School and St. Teresa’s Academy.

Among the top 10 “fiberhoods,” Google has secured just over 1,000 pre-registrations, but more than 120 communities are eligible.

Google is offering three service packages. The Web-only Gigabit Internet plan is $70 per month. With Gigabit + Google Fiber TV, Google promised hundreds of channels and on-demand shows, as well as 2TB of DVR storage and eight tuners, and a new Nexus 7 tablet to serve as a remote control – all for $120 per month. There’s also the option for free 5 Mbps Internet if you pay the $300 installation fee.

The Internet service includes a one-year contract, while Internet plus TV requires a two-year deal.

Whether this comes to fruition, however, depends on customer demand. After Sept. 9, Google will see how many people have committed to Google Fiber and then make a final decision about where the service will roll out. Neighborhoods need between 5-25 percent of homes to sign on in order for it to be cost effective, Google said.

About 40 communities are currently listed as “above goal” on the Google Fiber website, while dozens more need as little as four or as much as 173 more pre-registrations to qualify.

One of the big cable providers in the Kansas City area is Time Warne Cable, which has vowed to battle Google Fiber when it comes to market.

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