Day: July 21, 2012

Playboy Bunny June Wilkinson opens bank in Chicago 1964

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: This is an original large-format (4″x5″) acetate negative of the grand opening of the Columbia National Bank of Chicago, February 14, 1964. Pictured left to right are: Congressman Roman Pucinski, Seymour Simon, Playboy Bunny June Wilkinson, Frederick Messinger, Burton Gordon, Joseph Lutz, and Aldreman Edward School.Read Full Article

Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 39]

“Stone her. I’ll wear her later,” Ruth commands Lickh. Then, once more, the egomaniac turns her back on her newest prized possession. It’s the last time that she gets to make that fatal mistake.

What comes next is cold-bloodied murder. Mondo does something that Lickh has only seen once before.… Read Full Article