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Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 38]

Lickh is no literary creation or some imaginary character that is fodder for fantasy role-playing games. She is—flesh and blood—real. Momentarily, their [hers and Mondo’s] gazes intersect. Lickh’s bloodshot eyes glow fluorescent lime green. The girl does not bulge, let alone stone [turn to stone]. Mondo does cum, an orgasm that Lickh “senses”.

Surely … This is the one who will free me!

Carelessly, the overconfident Ruth misses their wordless exchange—a tragic mistake. Why? How? Because … Her back is kept to her possession. She has failed to look rear, and make regular checks of the girl’s procession.

Finally, Ruth turns round. She notices that the girl is staring at something or someone. She follows the girl’s gaze. By now, the lich’s eyes are no longer glowing.

“Oh. There you are, Lickh. Come hither and meet your new soulmate, Seven.”

Lickh obeys. She doesn’t have a choice. Ruth is in possession of her phylactery, and has hidden it. Under threat of its destruction, Lickh is enslaved to the Hag.

Mondo notices the tone of Ruth’s voice as she commands the lich. As well as, Ruth’s not so subtle emphasis on the word soulmate. The use of the girl’s Borg designation is a clear giveaway.

The expected betrayal … She means to enslave me as well as own me. Being Borg and an abomination, what a prize I must be for her. Needy. Needy. Needy.

What will it be? … “I may very well be the king of disturbed genius. I wish grunge would come back.” … or … Something subtle along the lines of … “Sobering silence.” … or … More in your face … “Ah. I gotcha. Chloroform, blackjack, or a combination of the two?” Nope … I’ll bet she’ll have the lich stone me. Then come back later and have the Medusa look-alike flesh me [back to life] so that she [Ruth] can wear me. I had a hunch that Ruth was a necromancer of sorts, when I first laid eyes on her.