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Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 31]

Ergo, your cousin must be …

“Ancient Mia.”

Mondo stiffens.

Dragons are born, not made. And, they do not mate to other species. In fact, they can’t. Therefore, the only way that you can be related to a Dragon when you yourself are not a Dragon is for you to have kinship through 456 lineage of some distant, estranged sort.

“Fats owns you. And … I own you.” Again Ruth caresses Mondo’s face with the back of her hand. Then, she just plain and nasty bitch-slaps the girl. “All mine! You belong to me! Druggie! Junkie! Whore! Sader! Slut! Bitch! And, I prefer mine looking sexually repressed!”

Mondo cums. Her panties strain to keep up with her secretions in a seemingly vain attempt to keep her clean and fresh. The emotion drains from her face. This is twisted. This, she likes. Her klaw hands fall to her sides. Her knobb throbs; the skin around it flushes. She wants more.

“As such, you only speak when you have to. You will always be gloved in public, from now on. And, when I hear of you violating that edict I will flog you to within an inch of your unlife when I get my hands on you.” Ruth’s teeth go jagged. Her tongue goes killer. A razorblade smile. Her fingernails grow long and daggerous. Razorblade hands. “Enough with this tiresome prattle. Oral sex. Anal sex. Vaginal sex. Mundane whatever. It’s all total bullshit. The only sex for our kind is feeding live.”

With that said, Ruth is upon Mondo. Sinking her teeth into the girl’s neck, drinking Mondo live with her blood drinking fangs.

Mondo’s eyes roll back into her head. Her mouth and hands also go razorblade. With only the whites of her eyes still showing, Mondo asserts her dominance. She hurls Ruth out of the reading room, into the bedroom, across the floor, and onto the bed. As Ruth impacts with the marble, Mondo is upon the Crone, feeding upon the Hag, and thus fucking her elder.