Speculation of Love, Angelina Love of TNA’s The Beautiful People

The Beautiful People #1

In light of the speculation that the Wrestler formally known as ‘Angelina Love’ might possibly have her sights set on WWE and other promotions I have decided to make a thread and post it here since my main focus will be the WWE. Now there is a rumor flying around that the WWE is interested in acquiring her talents which is odd considering that they did not exactly do much with her when she was with them from 2004-2007 in one of their developmental territories back in the day. Her release was very sad for me to witness because it occurred on the coat tails of other departures from the company(TNA).

A lot of people rant and rave about Jamie Szantyr who is better known as Velvet Sky. But, I’m all a gaga over Lauren Williams the original other half of The Beautiful People.

Lauren Williams, the Wrestler formally known as “Angelina Love”.

When I first noticed her she was with Velvet Sky on iMPACT! Wrestling in a tag team and they called it something odd before calling it what it was later known as(The Beautiful People). That Tag Team was one of the best teams I had seen in a long while and it consist of two Female Wrestlers that did in fact make WWE’s Diva’s look second-rate in comparison. When that was brought up I didn’t dare deny it because I was loving every second of it. The additions of Cute Kip (Monty Sopp, best known under the ring name Billy Gunn) and Madison Rayne (Ashley Nichole Simmons) completed that odd group who was out and about to do something about the ‘ugly people’.
I really loved the TBP theme;

Now I was already surprised once by the WWE when Kharma debuted and they treated Kharma like a big deal and she seemed to be getting one of the most legit pushes I had seen in awhile from a Woman crossing over from a rival Company. This leads me to believe that if the WWE did end up with Lauren Williams’ (Angelina Love) talents on their roster that they would treat her the right way and give her a push. But this is just simply me hoping/thinking out loud. WWE currently has quite a few Diva’s right now that could put on one hell of a show if they were to be used properly and more often. I heard they recently signed Buggy Nova and that is a huge plus in my book.

So anorexic jokes, face jokes, good riddance jokes, and all those other jokes aside what do you think of Lauren on a professional level and do believe that if given this second run do you see her prevailing victoriously as opposed to her first run? I welcome debates, criticism, and your overall thoughts on the shitastical Diva’s division right now; Just remember though that the thread is about Lauren Williams and the WWE for the most part. I’m a huge fan of hers and I am waiting to see where she ends up.


Lauren Williams aka Angelina Love

Hey … I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know.

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