“How the hell do they fake that?!” + TNA’s Hardcore Country, Mickie James

Since we are labeled as the “smart” wrestling fans, we know that many the moves in the ring, for the sake of argument and simplicity, are faked. However, there are occasions when you are watching a promotion and see a move and you ask yourself “how the hell do they fake that?”

Last night watching Impact, Sonjay Dutt hit this Moonsault Double-Stomp (2:45 in the video below) that looked very painful. I still can not figure out how the hell he can pull that move off without breaking ribs.

So my question to everyone is this: is there a move, or a spot, that after you saw it had you saying “how the hell did they fake that?”

Post videos if you can find them!


I always wondered why this move was created. The vertebraker is already a dangerous move but this pushes it.


TNA’s Hardcore Country, Mickie James