Nicole Kidman the blonde bombshell joins Clive Owen for a glamorous old Hollywood photo shoot

By Laura Schreffler

They’ve teamed up to play one of the most famous literary couples of all time and Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen have now teamed up for a suitably sophisticated photo shoot.

The Hemingway & Gellhorn co-stars embody classic, timeless Hollywood elegance in the magazine pictorial.

Though their film is set in the 1930s, their outfits seems to have been inspired by the AMC series Mad Men, which is set in the 1960s.

Nicole Kidman #1, Old Hollywood glamour — Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen bring timeless elegance to the May cover of W

Kidman, 44, appears with a platinum-coloured bouffant hairdo in a series of both colour and black and white shots in the May issue of W magazine.


In one photograph, a kelly green Louis Vuitton twill dress offsets her alabaster skin as she sprawls out on a chaise lounge looking aloof.

In another, she poses with her onscreen husband looking imperious in a frilly, floaty ice blue frock.

Nicole Kidman #2, True elegance –The 44-year-old actress looks lovely in a baby blue dress

She also wears a mod, patterned dress and sunglasses while posing in an elevator, and a sweet blouse and cardigan combination.

She also poses while looking at herself in a mirror, appearing sexy, sad and confident all at once.

Unlike the plethora of outfits Kidman posed in, Owen needed only one classically cut Giorgio Armani navy blue suit, shirt, and tie.

Nicole Kidman #3, The mirror has two faces — The Australian beauty checks herself out


Nicole Kidman #4, Going up — Kidman poses in an elevator wearing sunglasses in this vintage-inspired shot

They play famous famous American literary couple Ernest Hemingway and Martha Gellhorn in the upcoming HBO movie Hemingway & Gellhorn.

The famous war correspondent was the only of Hemingway’s four wives to ask him for a divorce.

In reality, Kidman says that her husband, country singer Keith Urban, doesn’t think she has the stuff that Gellhorn was made of.

She tells W: ‘My husband says I’m raw. He thinks the world is not a great place for me because he fears that I’ll be hurt. He says, ‘That’s my job: I’ll protect you.’

Owen also talks to the magazine about his own real-life love story, revealing how he met wife of 17 years, Sarah-Jane Fenton.

He says: ‘After drama school I did a seven-month tour of Europe performing in Romeo and Juliet. I played Romeo.

“I was at the first rehearsal, thinking, I wonder what Juliet is going to be like, and she came in. She had a corduroy jacket on and was carrying a pile of secondhand books, and her glasses were falling off. I kind of fell in love at that moment.”

Nicole Kidman #5, Cover stars — Kidman and Owen appear on the May cover of W magazine


Nicole Kidman #6, Simply stunning –The stunning star looks lovely in this black and white shot

The movie follows their five-year marriage and begins when they met at a bar in Florida in 1936.

Gellhorn inspired the author to write his novel, For Whom the Bell Tolls.

The film is scheduled to air on May 28th.

Nicole Kidman #7, A man only needs one good suit –The English actor wore the same suit in each photo he took for the spread

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