Original Photo of June Wilkinson “The Bosom” in Las Vegas Circa 1972

Original Photo of June Wilkinson 'The Bosom' in Las Vegas Circa 1972

Robert Scott Hooper, is an artist/photographer based in Las Vegas for nearly four decades and is best known for his beautiful photos of women. His work has appeared in magazines worldwide, from Life to the cover of Playboy. Besides magazines his glamour Images have been featured in books, on billboards, posters, postcards, bus signs, cab signs and video games and exhibited in galleries, museums and private collections. He has won numerous awards including two Playboy Magazine ‘best pictorial’ awards. You can find out more about him from the R Scott Hooper websites posted on my ME PAGE


June Wilkinson, sexy film star of the 50’s and 60’s still looked good in the 70’s when this photo was taken. English born and appearing the first time on stage at 12 years old, she became the youngest topless dancer ever at the age of 15, according to Wiki. Hefner named her “The Bosom” in her first appearance in Playboy in 1958 and she appeared in the magazine several more times, including one layout shot by filmaker Russ Meyer. She starred in several stage shows in the states and a few films. This photo was shot by Hooper while she was visiting Las Vegas for Elvis’s show in 1972, slated to appear on the cover of the Vegas Visitor, a popular Las Vegas tabloid of the day. Although this particular photo did not appear on the cover, several others from the shoot did. The location was a ravine behind the Imperial Palace, the Las Vegas wash, in the days when there was nothing behind the strip but desert. She was a pretty sporting lady to go out into the desert with an unknown photographer;-) 

The photo was taken in 1972, this print was made in 2012. As we attempt to get some of Hooper’s 40 years of archives into the digital world, I have test prints made to use for correction. We don’t have much use for these prints once the files are finished, so I put many of them up on eBay. These are true photographic prints, made from the original negative or transparency.  This photo of June is an 8×10 luster finish. 


The photos are old, but the prints are new.  Well, unfortunately we didn’t have a clue when we were young that “vintage prints” would be valuable to collectors, or we might have had prints made of EVERYTHING Hooper shot over the years!  Oh, well, maybe next time;-)  We still think these photos are special, the girls just as pretty, the lighting just a cool and the fashion of the day still historic.  So what if the print was made last year?  It will still hang on your wall and look like a great piece of art.  And just think, someday it will be a “true vintage” print.  Who knows, maybe your kids will get rich from your collection!

Just a little explanation as to how these prints are made so you know what you are getting.  In our process, the original negative or transparency is digitally scanned at extremely high resolution to ensure that each grain particle within the image is faithfully captured. The scanned image is then put into a high end computer work station and gone over in fine detail to correct any wayward color, dust, or other anomalies introduced by the scanning process.

The scanned file is then printed on the highest end digital enlarger/printer that converts the digital image to laser light and exposes it onto “real” photographic paper with a level of sharpness that cannot be matched by conventional means. The prints are made on the finest quality photographic paper available, which, under normal display conditions will last up to four times longer than some of the traditional photographic papers. It is the ideal medium for the creation of museum quality prints that will last a lifetime.

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