The future of WWE’s AJ, her heel face

Anyone see the way she looked at Kane on Raw? I must admit it got me thinking about 3 different things at the same time…

1 – Christ, she’s cute!

2 – Christ, she’s fucking cute!!

3 – Is there a possible heel turn on the cards for her?!!!

Now I know the majority of the IWC will probably say “Oh God no! Leave her as the sweet, innocent diva that we’ve all grown to love” but hear me out. Is it possible that she will turn into a diva like Eve who, aside from helping support the great phenomenon that is “People Power”, begins to look out for herself and won’t take no shit from anyone. Personally I’d prefer her to stay face but the possibility of her turning heel is increasing week by week IMO.

Could she turn on Punk? Could she re-unite with Bryan? Could she begin to wear a mask like Kane and summon pyro wherever she goes? We can only wait and see… Your thoughts please?

A heel turn would be good.  You think she’s hot now …

Wow … Just wow!!!

She’s looks like she’s out of her mind … Because she is!!!

Also, then there’s Kaitlyn, her BFF — Holler!!!

kaitlyn-10, baby got back!!!

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