Women Who Want To Be Raped [Part 6]

Of course, the accused male does have some defense against the girl who only imagined the incident. In New York State, for example, “No conviction can be had for rape or defilement upon the testimony of the female defied, unsupported by other evidence”. Her testimony must be supported by “signs and marks of a struggle, physical evidence of sexual intercourse, proof of outcry, proof of immediate complaint, the defendant’s presence at the scene of the crime or flight therefrom, etc”.

However, in many other states, a man could be convicted of rape only on the unsupported testimony of the woman, if her story is believed by the judge and jury. It is impossible to know how many innocent men have been imprisoned or executed on the word of a psychotic or mentally-disturbed female. In certain cases, public sentiment against the accused rapist runs so high that he is lynched before he has a chance to come to trial.

There is still a tendency on the part of many courts to discount or discredit the testimony of psychiatrists, saying that it is only theoretical, and that it is therefore not valid evidence in a court of law, where the jury must deal with cold, hard facts. While it is true that a psychiatrists will occasionally go rather far afield in his theorizing, in an attempt to save a mentally unbalanced defendant from a conviction, in the case of rape, it is essential that the supposed victim should be carefully questioned by a competent psychiatrist to discover whether her own behavior, unconscious or otherwise, played a part in the crime. Research has proved that there are women who want to be raped and who will do everything possible to make it happen. No man should be made to pay with his freedom, his reputation, or his life, for their dark and twisted needs.

The End