Women Who Want To Be Raped [Part 4]

Such cases are relatively easy to dismiss, because the woman has a conscious reason for charging the man with rape, and under forceful cross-examination she can easily be made to admit her motivation.

It is in those cases where the desire for rape is unconscious, where the woman, herself, doesn’t realize that she aroused the need to rape her in the man for her own twisted psychological reasons, that he is least able to defend himself in court.

Again, according to Captio and Brenner, “Some women … are masochistic by nature, preferring to feel that they have been forced into having relations, a desire which makes the act seem more erotic for them. They will even resist deliberately, hoping the man will persist and force them into submission.”

That many women are secretly fascinated by the fantasy of rape, if not by the reality, is proved by the unusual popularity among female audiences recently of movies featuring rape as the theme. As movie censorship grows less and less strict, rape scenes that formerly could only have been hinted at are now shown in great detail. Such movies as, “Anatomy of a Murder”, “Peyton Place”, “A Streetcar Named Desire”, “Last Train From Gun Hill”, “By Love Possessed”, “The Virgin Spring”, “Hud”, and  “The Outrage”, all feature scenes dealing with rape as an essential part of the plot. Except for a few isolated protests, these pictures have been popular with female audiences.

As long as women confine their rape fantasies to movies or novels they are harmless, but in many cases these fantasies take over in real life, and the woman actually imagines that she has been raped by a man, and furthermore, she manages to convince the police, the judge, and the jury that her fantasy is fact.