Women Who Want To Be Raped [Part 2]

Why such a harsh sentence? Was it justified? Where there mitigating circumstance? Well, let’s look closer at the case, objectively.

When Martha X. was taken to the hospital, she was in a state of shock, or so it appeared. She was examined by the hospital psychiatrist as well as the resident doctor.

The psychiatrist in question isn’t satisfied with the obvious conclusion that here is a helpless innocent victim, assaulted by a lust-crazed beast.

Like many psychiatrists, he has reason to believe that there are women who invite rape, who actually want to be assaulted although their desires are usually subconscious. His testimony to this effect is disregarded by the police, but as he continues to study the case of Martha X., he is increasingly certain that she is such a woman.

Why should a woman want to be made the victim of rape? According to Ludwig Eldelberg, M.D., a prominent psychiatrist, who is Chief of the Psychiatric Clinic of Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, and President of the Psychoanalytical Association of New York, the urge to be raped is buried in the minds of many women as a result of faulty sex education and various traumatic experiences with sex in early childhood.

For example, many girls are taught that sex is evil, and that no descent woman enjoys it. “Those who want to be raped regard sex as something wrong and by accepting the humiliations attached to its execution try to rid themselves of guilt, and possible punishment,” says Dr. Eldelberg in his book, “The Dark Urge”.

While the act of rape touched off a wave of anger and indignation in most communities, with demands that the rapist be imprisoned or lynched, there are certain medico-legal authorities who are not even willing to concede that rape as such is possible “by one man alone on an adult woman of good health and vigor.”