The Ultimate Dude’s tribute to awful feuds

by  The Ultimate Dude,

Hello everybody, Hi doctor Nick.

We’re not quite on those terms yet, and likely never will be, but this is the Ultimate Dude and I’m here to trample you with raging elephants, cause yknow, Ultimate Warrior did it.

Seriously though, if you know me all you know is that I’m super hardcore, anti establishment, I dont play by anybody elses rules, not even my own, and my breed of satire is all I really have. Well up yours assholes, I’m gonna prove you wrong and write an awesome as Optimus Prime blog.

Dawn Marie vs. Torrie Wilson

It’s hard to pick much wrong with this. We were always guaranteed alot of in ring vag in the face action with these two stunners but the feud itself was a massive dud, which is why it’s here. Sporadically managing teams against each other in random occurances that involved a lot of clothes being ripped off in a horny lesbian porn kind of way

Dawn Marie vs. Torrie Wilson

which eventually gave way to “real life” heat between the two babes as that fucking parasite of professional wrestling, Al Fucking Wilson became the centrepoint of the feud. Basically, Dawn was jealous because Torrie was more popular, Al visited his daughter one Smackdown and ended up in bed with Dawn Marie (which would never happen in real life…right?) and eventually Dawn married Al, causing Al to have a heart attack after shagging her brains out (in make believe land). So Dawn had this lesbian attraction to Torrie (twas the style at the time), and became her stepmom. And they say stories aren’t layered enough, in wrestling pffft. Sounds awesome on paper, but it was fucking awful. People hate time wasting in wrestling, and this is a prime example.

feud peak …

Dawn Marie. marriage

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