The “Great One”, The Greatest of All Times – Muhammad Ali’s “so-called” Phantom Punch

In “real time” – too fast to see with the naked eye!!!

In 4/100ths of a second Ali hits Liston flush on the temple with a flicking overhand right that’s too fast to see with the naked eye. But, when we see the same footage in HD [high-definition] in ultra-slow motion – The phantom punch suddenly becomes no longer phantom.

See how Liston’s head reacts when Ali’s fist impacts with his temple. That’s consistent with a punch flush on the temple.

You get hit like that, you’re going down. The temple is the thinnest part of your skull. You can shine a light or push a sharpened pencil through it.

Bottom line: Liston walked into an  extremely fast punch to the temple thrown by Ali who was moving backwards. Because of the speed of the punch, coupled with the fact that Ali was moving backwards when Ali threw it and Liston was moving forward while throwing a punch of his own, Liston never saw it coming and neither did the fight’s spectators.

Unlike Gene Tunney, Ali in his prime was not a counter puncher. A prime Ali was never defensive. He was always the aggressor even when he was moving backwards or laterally. At over 200lbs … With the quickest hands, feet, and reflexes of any heavyweight, and knockout power in either hand, he provides a formidable conundrum for any opponent – no matter how much heart you have, even iron bends.

Ali was banned from boxing in his “absolute” prime. So we never saw the best Ali fight professionally. WOW!!!

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