High Heels, Volume 2, Number 1

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High Heels, Volume 2, Number 1
Selbee Associates, Inc.
New York, New York

digital replica


Fans of high-heeled footwear generally think the higher, the better. Heels are seldom too tall. In this edition of High Heels magazine, shoes worn in photo shoots max out at about four inches but are often shorter and, on many pages, non-existent. Higher heels show up in only a small number of professional photographs and a few snapshots in the letters section.

Sheer, seamless stockings, kept in place by well-adjusted garter belts, appear in most pictorials. The graphics of RHT hosiery, snugged tight against the intriguing architecture of shapely limbs, winks from luscious thighs and well-turned ankles on page after page. If this magazines had the word leg or stocking in its title, leg and stocking fetishists would be pleased with it.

The models assemble into a bevy of shapely posers. Sexy and flirty, sweet and cute. these charmers exceed every pinup criterion of feminine appeal.

Cover cutie Gretchen show us exactly what her legs can do for stockings and nice sling-backs in her living room. Adorable Babette allures us in stockings, garter belt and mules, and then in just a smile.

In a couple of pictures, Peggy Evans shows off her pretty legs in genuine high heels. In others, she seduces us in long leather gloves, black nylons, garter belt and a smile that suggests she knows what we’re thinking.

Scintillating British brunette Margot Winsor adjusts her stocking tops and garter belt. On five pages, June Palmer appears in panties and out. Other models include Jean MacDonald and Terry Marsall.

Two short stories are introduced by Eric Stanton illustrations. His art also appears in eight panels of his Savage Sisters comic serial.

An article tells about actress Meg Myles, who appeared in Mr. Burtman’s motion picture Satan in High Heels. Written by Carlson Wade, the piece explains that she’s also a jazz singer. Varied photos illustrate her appealing assets.

Other content includes letters from readers, photos from readers and some silliness about a torture museum in Rome.

The tonality of photos has been adjusted and many spots re-touched. The page sequence has been revised to achieve continuity of three prose pieces. Some page layouts were revised to show pictures without reduction in size.

The digital replica has all the content of the 64-page original, including ads . . .
but there is
ONE MISSING COMPONENT: The head of the model on the inside front cover is missing.

optimized ebook
The optimized version uses the photos and illustrations of the original 64-page magazine and makes a picture album of more than 110 pages, with one picture per page. The images are sized to fill the screen from top to bottom, reducing the need for zooming and scrolling. Picture sequence observes costume progression.

A few of the small photos are a bit grainy or rough in texture in the optimized version. Illustrations are clustered at the end of the optimized ebook.

This issue of High Heels magazine offers pretty legs in stockings and professional photography. An excellent pinup magazine with attractive models posing mostly at home, content has little connection with the nameplate. The ebook versions deliver the best medium for enjoying all the lovely curves.

Two ebooks, one optimized, delivered by download link.

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