A Dragon’s tale – an excerpt from “IUP”

“A Dragon?”

A Drakonian Dragaform – A Drake (Dragon) – Magical powers, immortal, shapeshifter. Scales, horns, fire breathing. The other gods.


“I was afraid you’d say that.”

“How many known Dragons in the vicinity?”

“One. She’s on holiday with,” He pauses, “Three of her Wardens from the High Council are providing her escort a security detail.”

“Ancient Mia?”

Ancient Mai – the High Council’s “top dog” who handles contact with other supernatural powers. (Dragon) – Magical powers, immortal, able to change shape, that sort of thing. Very, very, very old. Hitler’s chief rival on the Council before he went off to start The Third Reich. An Other god.


“Why does God love you better?”

–faerie to its Food