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Being a fan of “The Walking Dead” TV show on AMC, I found this to be a very thought-provoking article.

Interestingly enough, discussions and observations like this are considered to be Politically Incorrect, these days.

Having them gets you labeled a “racist” or an “Uncle Tom/Aunt Jemima”, depending on your persuasion. Wow!!!


White People are the real “Walking Dead” in Atlanta and America

White people are the real walking dead of Atlanta… and of America

It is in The Walking Dead Web episodes (based on AMC’s immensely popular The Walking Dead) that tells the tragic story of how Hannah – the iconic half-eaten “walker”from the first episode – met her demise that I realized the zombie phenomenon means much more than meets the eye. Hannah, the divorced white mother of two children, lives in Cumming (one of the largest drifter colonies in America) and ultimately sacrifices herself to a swarm of zombies so that her children might reach a safe-zone.

There are six, two-to-four minute Web episodes that detail the first moments after the zombie outbreak begins to break down civilization around Atlanta. One can only imagine that the horror, fear, dread, and false sense of hope that the characters felt in these Walking Dead Web episodes was the exact same mixed of emotions that white residents of Detroit felt in 1967, when Black people waged a war on the city that they still haven’t quite finished.

In the duration of the episodes, we learn that the emergency broadcast is heard on every channel, the power eventually goes, a hopelessly Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) relies on his Untouchable White neighbor for guns to protect his family, a military helicopter is seen overhead advising all citizens to get to the “green zone” and make it to Atlanta for safety. But it is in the harrowing episode six that we see Hannah sacrifice herself so that her children can survive.

In real-life, it is every white parent who moved to the suburbs of Atlanta (and out of every major city where the Black Undertow makes raising a healthy family an unlikely – and expensive – task) that has ultimately sacrificed their happiness and well-being for the safety of their children.

No one wants to spend two hours of every one of their working days commuting up and down 400 North and South; I-85 North and South; I-75 North and South; I-20 East and West; or spend deadening hours circle Atlanta on I-285. But white people do, and for one simple reason: to live and die in communities free of the Black Undertow.

Every suburb of Atlanta owes its existence to the Black Undertow in Fulton County, whose government sits uncontested in a city that the New York Times dubbed “the center of Black entertainment.”

It is in Atlanta that we see the true power of the Black Undertow effect, as suburbs that rest close to the heart of Fulton County – the first, like Clayton, Gwinnett, DeKalb (the Prince George County of the South) Rockdale and Newton County,  to enjoy the fruits of white flight – are now undergoing real Climate Change.

Atlanta’s Climate Change accelerated after a Black riot in 1966, one that Taki Mag’s Jim Goad discussed in Blight of the Living Dead:

When Atlanta blacks rioted in 1966 and chanted things such as “black power,” “white devil,” and “kill the white cops,”  MLK described it as “the desperate language of the unheard.” When Vine City blacks smashed windows in white-owned stores in 1967, apparently egged on by a “crudely lettered handbill” claiming that “White peope [sic] own our stores. White people own the housing we live in” and urging rioters to “Clean up Atlanta tonight,” the remaining white residents in The Bluff heard the “desperate language” loud and clear—nearly all of them left. A “civil-rights” movement ostensibly aimed at desegregation merely resulted in resegregation—this time both racial and economic. The Bluff is now 97 percent black. A pie chart of its racial breakdown looks like Pac-Man eating the world. It is also overwhelmingly poor

It was not only Atlanta suffered when Black people took numerically took over the city; The Great Migration of Black people from South in the 1910s-1930s brought the same problems to Detroit, Cleveland, New York City, Philadelphia,Chicago and other Northern cities. Now, their failed descendants – having economically burdened these cities – head back to the South, primarily to the suburbs of Atlanta.

Those lily-white suburbs, the ones that Black elected officials in Fulton County wish to see declared “illegal,” have the highest property value. Those majority Black ones, like Riverdale (only 20 years ago a majority white drifter colony in Clayton County) have the lowest property values in all of Georgia. It was in Clayton County where we saw a glimpse of what happens on the Day the EBT Card Runs Out.

It was in another former drifter colony that we saw a 30,000 person Black riot over Section 8 Housing Vouchers (College Park).

If you’ve ever wanted to understand why Atlanta’s suburbs almost reach Tennessee (head up 1-75 North); Alabama (head down 1-85 South); or South Carolina (drive up 1-85 North), it’s all due to a desire to avoid living near Black people.

During the past 10 years, a trend has emerged of young white people moving back into the city, while Black people flock to Black Undertow areas in Metro Atlanta where property value has begun to depreciate, because of the steady demographic replacement of the white people who made the suburb prosperous in the first place. As we saw in the collapse of three Atlanta-area school systems, whenever Black people are the majority of a school district you’ll inevitably have to wait for Superman to appear if you want to see academic success:

Atlanta itself has actually grown whiter in the past decade while its suburbs have gotten blacker, according to Frey’s analysis. Atlanta’s population in 1990 was 67% black and 30% white; the suburbs were 71% white and 25% African American. By the end of the decade, non-Hispanic whites made up 39% of the city and 53% of the suburbs while blacks were 51% of the city and 31% of the suburbs.


“You have the young, white, single professional who’s willing to take a new job in the city, live in a condo or apartment, and walk or take the bus to work,” says Doug Bachtel, a demographer at the University of Georgia. “The growth of the African-American population in the suburbs is due to changing policies associated with housing discrimination. It’s not a matter of race, it’s social class. There are some gated black communities in (suburban) Cobb County.”

Property value is intrinsically tied to the academic performance of the children in the school system. The whiter the school district (think Fayette County), the higher the property value. The Blacker the school district (think Fulton County),  the lower the value. Inner-city Atlanta property value is, well, embarrassing. It is only the Northern (nearly all-white) suburbs where value continues to increase.

The story of Hannah from The Walking Dead takes place off of Old Mill Road in Cumming. Were it safe to raise a family in Fulton County, living way out in a Whitopia wouldn’t be necessary. But people’s experience of living in areas with high concentrations of Black people have helped remove the dogmatic teachings of equality. When you see Climate Change transpire, all illusions of racial equality die.

Fayette County, which borders Clayton County (perhaps only rivaled by Wayne County in Michigan for its sorrowful nature), is on the chopping block next.

Where will white people flee to next? Considering that Atlanta is one of the worst metro areas for construction growth, its apparent that little capital remains for new drifter colonies. Or little demand, as Metro Atlanta has also seen some of the highest job loss in the nation. Worse, Atlanta had some of the worst housing depreciation in America during 2011.

All of this is happening as Black people (replicating the Great Migration) move back South from Northern cities they ruined. Inevitably, housing prices will continue to fall in Metro Atlanta as the school systems become Blacker. Many have wrongly placed the hopes of Atlanta’s resurgence on white people moving back into the city, but the recent Atlanta Public Schools fiasco (where Black principals and Black teachers knowingly conspired to cheat and raise Black test scores) makes this unlikely.

But one recent story highlighting the collapse of commercial real-estate shows why the hope for an economic revitalization of Atlanta is misguided. The iconic Bank of America building, the South’s tallest building, recent foreclosure sell tellingly shows us the future of Atlanta:

With the forced public auction yesterday of Bank of America’s signature 55-story office tower in Atlanta, the U.S. foreclosure crisis–commercial division–just got significantly worse.


Atlanta’s troubles and those of other cities, say experts, are the result both of overbuilding and of the issuance of commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) that inflated office building prices. Nationwide, some $5.8 billion worth of five-year office loans, bundled into CMBS, must now be refinanced. With all that debt coming due, experts predict, more distressed properties will soon come to market, and the price per square foot of commercial office space will continue to fall.


“It’s a fine building, a beautiful building, and still very much a landmark,” Atlanta real estate expert Kirk Diamond, speaking to Bloomberg News, said of the former Bank of America Plaza. “It just needs to be recapitalized.”


The tallest tower in the U.S. Southeast went for $235 million at auction, after landlord BentleyForbes had missed mortgage payments. BentleyForbes bought the building from Bank of America Corp. in 2006 for $436 million.


More than 25 percent of loans on commercial buildings in Atlanta that were bundled into bonds are delinquent, the highest rate of the largest U.S. metro areas, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Atlanta’s fate is sealed. The suburbs will get Blacker as Black refugees from cities they (and their ancestors) helped ruin return back South. Crime will rise, corrupt city officials will get elected (primarily on the promise of running away white people), and school systems will collapse into the miasma of all-to-frequent Black failure when compared to white standards.

Considering that it is largely white taxpayers being fleeced via taxation to support the overwhelmingly Black government of Fulton County (and the many publicly-funded Black job programs, like MARTA) it is no wonder that secession movements are afoot. And yes, they are 100 percent racial.

The Walking Dead is about a zombie apocalypse set primarily in Atlanta. In the first season, we learn that the outlying metro Atlanta citizens were told to seek safety in downtown Atlanta. As real-life crime figures show us, heading into downtown Atlanta is one of the worst ideas imaginable, regardless of if a global zombie apocalypse is occurring or not.

Atlanta is the city where the full-force of Black-Run America (BRA) is being played out. Unlike Detroit, where Black people have largely remained in the inner-city, Black people are filtering out into the Metro Atlanta suburbs, laying economic waste to every city they become the majority population in. Those same suburbs that once opposed MARTA’s expansion because it would bring shiftless Black people into their midst know are majority Black Undertow cities (Clayton County).

White people – like Hannah in the Web episodes of The Walking Dead – are the real walking dead of Atlanta,  in all of America. They exist to be taxed to pay for entitlement programs that primarily benefit the expansion of a class of people who have been at-war with them for 60 years.

Add the growing Hispanic population into the equation, and you begin to see that the days are numbered for whites. Or so it would seem.

It has long been my belief that Atlanta will be the city where we see the unraveling of Black-Run America (BRA). How that happens is anyone’s guess, though the continued drumbeats for secession by majority white cities and suburbs from Fulton County is a positive sign of what is coming.

Who knows: white homeowners in counties quickly going majority Black – whose mortgage is now underwater thanks to this Black migration – might decide to just walkaway from their home, and move away from the South.

Until then, those white people who spend wasted hours of their lives commuting to and from their Whitopia homes, will continue being The Walking Dead. It is pronounced in Atlanta, but this goes for any drifter colony citizen in America.

You are the walking dead, and the federal government of the United States is out to ensure that your future is like that of the zombie menace in The Walking Dead.

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