ESPN’s Fight Night — (MMA/UFC/The UFC’s “Sanctioned” Fae Fights)


Mondo “Killer” Kane (Darque) vs. Michelle “Mike” Pierce (Giant)

Round 1

Pierce backs Kane into the cage and drops for a single. Instead, Pierce settles for an underhook, throwing knees and punches up the middle while Kane maintains her balance. Kane tries to circle out and escape, but Pierce has her pinned and now works a few foot stomps.

Pierce is just leaning her weight onto Kane’s as boos begin to sprinkle down about 90 seconds in. Right on cue, the heavyweights split and Pierce lands a solid punch on her way out. Thirty seconds later, they’re back to the fence, clinching and jockeying for position.

Kane motions to ref Herb Dean that Pierce is grabbing her trunks and Dean verbally warns Pierce. They’re back to exchanging, though the punches are sparse.

Pierce looking to stick her jab and Kane looking for big punches. They trade hard rights before settling down again, allowing Pierce to score with a pair of jabs on the outside. Pierce is getting off first with her punches, but the right hand of Kane is constantly cocked and ready to counter. Pierce ties up again with 20 seconds left and pushes Kane onto the cage for the remainder of the round.

Round 2

Pierce lays a nice counter right on Kane’s cheek and rushes in for a single-leg behind it. Kane defends, hopping over to the fence, where they trade punches inside. Kane reverses the position and they step away from the cage, Pierce landing a solid one-two as they disengage.

Pierce pumps the jab again and ducks a tie-up attempt from Kane to deliver another. Pierce is oozing blood from her hairline, a red stain quickly coating the right side of her face. Pierce pushes her woman into the fence, where Kane connects with a knee up the middle.

Ref Dean steps in to pause the action and warn Kane to mind her fingers on probing punches, no fingernails extended into talons, no serrated teeth, and no killer tongue.

They resume and Kane, bleeding from the nose, soon after shoots a double, bringing Pierce down at the base of the fence with relative ease. Pierce is trying to post and twist loose as Kane looks to take Pierce’s back. Pierce stands and scrambles loose, and the round ends without much further action.

Round 3


Kane scores with punches early, but it’s followed quickly by a Pierce single-leg. This one goes for Pierce’s first takedown of the bout, but Kane is quickly to her feet and pushing her fellow wrestler against the cage. They walk around the perimeter as ref Dean urges them repeatedly to work.

Kane backs up and puts a left on Pierce, then another. Pierce gets a collar tie and slugs with a few uppercuts, a knee to the gut. Pierce moves around the outside, working her jab and following with a left hook.

Another takedown attempt from Kane is stuffed, Pierce throwing a wide base against the cage. Dean again urges the fighters to get busy and splits them with 90 seconds to go.

Pierce lands a jab but simultaneously catches a finger in her already swollen left eye. Kane is issued another warning by Dean, but no point is deducted. Pierce recovers quickly and goes back to jabbing on the outside; she’s now mindful of the open left hand of Kane. Pierce half-shoots a double, senses a headlock from Kane and goes back out. Kane blitzes with 30 seconds to go and hits a double-leg on the fence. She wraps up the legs of Pierce but doesn’t throw any strikes from the top.

Pierce works back to her feet and finishes the fight with a spinning elbow in close quarters.

Official score: One judge scores the bout 29-28 Pierce, while another has it 29-28 for Kane. The final judge sees it 29-28 for the winner by split decision, Mondo “Killer” Kane.

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