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Glenda – “Apocalypse Now, Redux” aka “Doctor Who?” [Part 38]

Young post-pubescent girls at play on the verge of womanhood. What could be more innocent? The picture catches Nash’s eye. She walks over to it as if mesmerized. Some of the girls in the pictures are obviously inhuman, and all are pretending except for one. The girl in the center, up front, is a very young Queen Mary. The legend on the frame of the group portrait indicates that it was taken in 1994 in Oxford, England. Back then Queen Mary was Lady Mary.

Nash fixes upon the Vampire standing behind Queen Mary. Queen Mary is kneeling on one knee on the meticulously cut front lawn of the school grounds. The Vampire is smiling; one hand resting on the future queen’s left shoulder. Nash age progresses the Vampire’s face in her mind. She has seen that face before. Passed it in the hallways. Maybe in the Palace of Westminster during an emergency session of Parliament. Maybe in Buckingham Palace. Maybe … She can’t place it now, but wherever it was, it was in a place of power and it was in her England. And, a phrase comes to mind …

This is just a body. Inside, I am your superior in every way imaginable.

Nash shudders involuntarily as if someone has just stepped on her grave. She takes another sip of brandy from her goblet. Pregnant pause. That delay in speech used to give one time to consider the consequences of a statement.

Time to be rebooted into a detective procedural – which, after all, is the sum purpose of this narrative. Time to take off those fedoras in a show of respect, “Prime Suspect” fans.

Did she [Maria Bello] have to play the role so mannish? She had the biggest set in cast!

Except for dykes … No one likes manly woman wearing fedoras and trench coats. Yes, they’d [the viewers] much rather have their female cops dressed like hookers. A generality, of course. Life is never an absolute. I know a “straight” man who craves manly woman wearing fedoras and trench coats. Hard dike biotches with huge-ass knockers and killer bodies, and the proverbial [brass] set.