Stargate Universe – reboot (my version)

Julia Benson as “Vanessa James”

A side by side of Julia Benson and her pair

Honestly speaking, the only good thing about the long ago cancelled Stargate: Universe was Julia Benson who played “Second Lieutentant Vanessa James” on the show.

Julia Benson in a gray dress

On the original SGU, I would have made her a bleach-blonde and the major character of the series. She would have become the Seven of Nine of SGU [minus the Borg affectations, of course].

Julia Benson of SGU, #1

What Jeri Ryan did for Star Trek Voyager, she could have done for SGU. Sex sells.

Julia Benson of SGU, #2

If I were doing a reboot of the series, that’s what I would do. Build the entire show around her. Add more kick-ass hotties to the mix. The lesbian scenes would only involve attractive chicks not ugly ones unlike on the original series. And … I’d get rid of all of the bow wows … None of them would survive cryo sleep.

Strong, self-assured, well-endowed, physically attractive women who kick serious ass, need only apply — ala the Andy Sidaris franchise. 

If I want to see ugly, oftentimes flabby, “liberated” women, I can see plenty of those in the real world thanks to all of this Politically Correct bullshit.