Pumpkinhead – Ashes to Ashes [Epilogue]

There’s always, and I mean always, an exception to the rule. And, forever is not always forever; it seldom is in this life.

Lurking in the shadows … a hero. And, to put puss on boots, Molly’s hero [and savior] turns out to be a Vampire, no less!

Out of the shadows, one day steps she who has watched gleefully for so long. Watching, waiting, baiting, and masturbating. She saves Molly from the witch. She saves Molly for being Pumpkinhead. She releases [the girl], forthright.

But … Does she vanquish the witch, you ask? Well that’s a question best answered in another, much sicker story. The sicker the better.

One year, to the day, Molly “awakens” from her nightmare. Naked, filthy, parasite-infested. She comes to her sense crotched beside a dumpster behind the Piccadilly cafeteria, a favorite haunt of hers [back in the day when she was “normal”, as in, human]. She’s human again, none the worse for wear. She has lived the old adage: “revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Now, that’s finally …

The End