Pumpkinhead – Ashes to Ashes [Part 5]

Her clothes are so dirty, they’re stiff. They also stink like she does. Meat gone bad, smells better than Molly and her duds. Graveyard lichens and moss grow here and there on her filth-ingrained skin; skin that’s ashy-black in places.

Her hands klaw. Klaw, of course, is when the hands are claw-like, in appearance and grasp, like the taloned feet of a bird of prey. It’s an eerie effect, indeed, with decidedly freakish overtones. A pair of creepy, grasping hands; hands fit for a mindless ghoul. Shades of Vampira in “Plan 9 From Outer Space”.

Haggis walks up to the table, sticks her head between Molly’s legs, and sodomizes the girl. She ignores the girl’s screams of protest. Molly curses her.