Pumpkinhead – Ashes to Ashes [Part 4]

Blood curdling screams fill the grotto, Molly’s blood curdling screams. The madness passes. Molly comes to herself. She’s wearing what’s left of her shredded clothes; there’s not much left.

Molly is strapped spread eagle to a metal table. Nearby, Deputy Sheriff Mary Smith’s dissected body is strapped spread eagle to another metal table. Corpses in various states of decay are piled like cordwood against one of the slimy walls. Partial and complete skeletons are stacked likewise against another wall.

Hanging from the ceiling by her thumbs is the butchered remains of Sonny Liston, one of the people who wronged Molly. Sonny has passed out; she’s been carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey. The bright red ball gag stuffed in her mouth would mute Sonny if she were awake anyways.

This slime-coated subterranean lair is Pumpkinhead’s nesting; it’s a grotto with sewer access. Bones and partially eaten carcasses litter the floor. A horrible scent assaults the nostrils: The rank, stomach-churning stench of rotting flesh and raw sewage, and the overpowering, game smell of a zoo’s ape house. In a corner is a shallow of stagnate, raw sewage which is swarming with squirms (leeches). A third of the floor is a pool feed by raw sewage. The pool is opposite from that corner shallow of stagnate sewage. This is hell, Molly’s hell. This underworld is paradise to Pumpkinhead.

Pumpkinhead is a creature of pure instant and homicidal rage. Molly is sane and sentient, and remembers every atrocity she commits when she’s Pumpkinhead. But, she’s so consumed by hate that she revels in the memories of the slaughter. She doesn’t care who gets killed as long as she gets vengeance. She’s become a monster in more ways than one.

Molly is filthy, smelly, and parasite infested. She has head lice, fleas, and crabs. Entrails smear her tits and torso. Her cockroach-infested hair hangs about in limp, stringy rattails that drapes her shoulders, breasts, and face. Her foul breath is a sour stench. She has scum-covered teeth.