Pumpkinhead – Ashes to Ashes [Part 3]

Someone screams; it’s Molly. Molly drops to her knees, screaming, holding her head as if she’s trying to keep it from exploding. Then, there’s only silence. The pain has stopped. Her brain is no longer on fire. She’s a cow; a demon in human form who’s a witch’s submissive. She’s the witch’s new familiar. She’s become the new Pumpkinhead.

Haggis raises her skirt exposing her cooch, a juicy cooch glistening with cum. She grabs the back of the girl’s head and shoves the girl’s face into her waiting crotch.

“Eat me …” Haggis commands.

Molly and Haggis copulate orally. Translation: Molly performs cunnilingus on the hag; she eats Haggis out in that very special way. Molly gives ace head. A certified “Blowjob Betty”, the twenty-something can deep throat; she can go down on a man, hit bottom, and lick his balls with ease no matter how well hung he is!

“Mine … All mine … Foolish girl … This is the real price I extort from you for the vengeance you want … I get you forever … You’re my cow …”

Molly feels and hears her clothes shred; it’s like when Bruce Banner transforms into The “Incredible” Hulk. She feels herself becoming Pumpkinhead. The transformation is sheer agony; it’s violent shit. In time, her thirst for revenge will be her ultimate undoing, she’ll become sexually twisted. She’ll come to enjoy the change. She’ll derive sexual pleasure from it, she’ll even climax. And, when she maims, tortures, and kills, she’ll climax then also. Yes, in time, she’ll become a sadomasochist.

“From henceforth, I’ll call you Seven, Number Seven. You’re the seventh incarnation of Pumpkinhead. You’ll be my favorite, for obvious reasons.”