Racial Volunteer Force – [Together … Against the mud people]

The Sandman - Cigarettes and Beer, what a guy!

A violent neo-Nazi splinter group of the British neo-Nazi group Combat 18 with close ties to far right paramilitary group, British Freedom Fighters. The paramilitary organization was formed in 2002 by Mark Atkinson and John Hill due to frustration with the leadership of Will Browning. Although maintaining a distinct identity the group retains links to C18.[18]

A few of the group’s members were arrested in 2003[18] on suspicions of weapons stockpiling and other charges, and five members, including Atkinson and Hill, subsequently pleaded guilty to conspiracy whilst a sixth, November 9th Society leader Kevin Quinn pleaded guilty to possession of the banned booklet The Longest Hatred.[19] The group has also been investigated for a series of threats made to journalists.[20]

The RVF is part of an international organization led by a European Council and states that it aims for unity between all National Socialists and white nationalists (including Combat 18) in an alliance against the supposed Zionist Occupation Government.[21]

The RVF has been active in street violence against perceived enemies in the last year[when?] or so including attacks on Anti Fascists in Blackpool England and Republican Sinn Feinn Supporters in Glasgow Scotland. Various members have also been seen at street demonstrations in the Netherlands confronting anti-fascists. But the overall trend seems to be for them to move away from street violence towards more sinister organized terrorist activities. Seeing street violence as fairly pointless in achieving their overall goals. Early in 2009 alleged RVF activists were raided by counter terrorist police in south west England on suspicion of bomb making. Eventually the alleged members were released due to lack of evidence.

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