Blood and Honour – [His promise fulfilled]

A neo-Nazi music promotion network and political group founded in 1987 with links to Combat 18 and composed of white power skinheads and other white nationalists. The group organizes white power concerts by Rock Against Communism (RAC) bands and distributes a magazine of the same name.[1] There are official divisions in several different countries around the world.[2] It is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Ian Stuart Donaldson, singer of the band Skrewdriver, was the founder and one of the prominent leaders until his death in 1993. Blood & Honour took its name from the motto of the Hitler Youth, Blut und Ehre, and a song of the same name by Skrewdriver. Sometimes the code 28 stands for Blood & Honour, derived from the second and eighth letters of the Latin alphabet, B and H.

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