The Cassiopaean Experiment [“The Cassiopaean Transcripts from 1994 to 2002”]

Treepods in Boston

Scientific mystic and Paleo-Christian Shaman, Laura Knight-Jadczyk is married to theoretical/mathematical physicist Arkadiusz Jadczyk.

Dr. Arkadiusz Jadczyk introduces his wife’s work in the following extract:

The name “Cassiopaea” was given by a consciously “channeled source” which Laura  …

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Back in the Day … [“Connie Smith, her Wahl-30, and her twins – those Hogs”]

Captain Miller barks some commands into her speaker phone. Minutes later, a gold shield [detective] drops a Wahl-30 into Connie’s lap. He leaves as quickly as he came in.

The black gun belt is all Fastex closures, Nylonex webbing, and  …

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