Sternka – That spinster ‘do

Von Carmen is setting in a chair, clad in a pair of thigh-high stockings and precious little else. An original member of the 117-man SS-Stabswache Berlin, she’s built like a typical female of her persuasion. She’s truly voluptuous cheesecake, with a set of double-Es, and a gorgeous hourglass figure.… Read Full Article

Sternns – Those spinster eyeglasses

Von Carmen’s fantasy image of Kane is a world apart from the bare legged, hype haired, kick-ass KKK reality, the big girl is sporting. She sees her big girl still sporting a sternka, in spite of Ricky’s objections. She doesn’t see her big girl sporting rimless reading glasses, with schoolmarmish half-lenses and wire frames that hook behind the ears; instead, she sees her big girl sporting authentic vintage cateye eyeglasses, 1950s-era specs that are the epitome of sternness.… Read Full Article