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A 1950’s style science fiction franchise [albeit “Kill Command” and Continuum are adult post-modern] based upon the 1965 novel Dune by Frank Herbert. Dune is frequently cited as the best-selling science fiction novel in history.

In other words. With a few notable exceptions, a 1950’s Science Fiction Anthology eBook series.

Continuum, Chapter 7

The One-Percent Solution

At twenty percent machine, Lucy is be quite formidable. As is her maker, Babb. As is any twenty percenter who has been assimilated into The Collective.

At twenty percent machine, a Borg can assimilate any living being with a neural implant whose security protocols they can crack.… Read Full Article

Continuum, Chapter 6

Reborn Better

Lucy’s female intuition tells her that her daydream is more than just a daydream.

At death, the machine consciousness of a Borg is uploaded to the Resurrection Facility where it’s stored in an available Closet Continuer until it can be downloaded into a new artificial body.… Read Full Article

Continuum, Chapter 5

I’m so GLAAD to see you, again

Notes on a Scandal 2—Cate Blanchett (Actor), Judi Dench (Actor), David Lynch (Director)

In the sequel, which, unlike the first movie, is more of a softcore porn flick than a seat-of-the-pants thriller. Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench reprise their roles as Sheba Hart and Barbara Covett.… Read Full Article

Continuum, Chapter 4


Miss Andrea Quill [the alias of Andra’ath] in the BBC’s “Class” series, a Doctor Who spin-off, is portrayed by well-known British actress Katherine Kelly. Wearing trademark stiletto pumps and a severe hairdo, the hard-faced Miss Quill character, a physics teacher at the fictional Coal Hill Academy, is clearly a thinly-veiled depiction of a dominatrix minus the usual S&M getup.… Read Full Article

Continuum, Chapter 3

Trouble in Paradise

For a very good reason … On a workday at the library, she no longer dresses or undresses in front of Nick. On those days, stuffed into her panties is a biomechanical strap-on. She wears the thing given to her by Babb as part of her required uniform at the library.… Read Full Article

Continuum, Chapter 2

The Dreams

Most of the girl’s things are now in base storage, in boxes. She doesn’t wear them anymore. What’s mostly in her closet and dresser, are the things that Babb has picked out and purchased for her. The same severe frumpy unattractive things that severe frumpy unattractive Judith wears.… Read Full Article

Continuum, Chapter 1

And So It Begins

The English Kate. A modern-day anachronism. Beautiful tailoring on this otherwise drab vintage 1940s ladies suit. Medium weight 100% wool in a nice flecked gray tweed. No accents, whatsoever. Severe. Form fitting and figure flattering. Jacket features a nipped waist with princess seaming, oversized pockets at front, three-quarter-length sleeves, and a severe English cut [i.e., no daring plunging cleavage-baring neckline, in other words, no deep V-neck].… Read Full Article

Continuum, Chapter 0


In a world where Borg are the Mount Everett of Thinking Machines. And thus prohibitively expensive to use for those troublesome insurgencies plaguing your third-world regime.

The relatively cheap, disposable SAR [study analyze reprogram] is the Predator meets Terminator solution for your battlefield needs.… Read Full Article

Kill Command [Cheat Day] – EP 1 (Season 2)

Split Second—the killer’s genetic fingerprints have come back from the lab. They contain multiple restriction polymorphic DNA sequencers. There’s more. They indicate that the killer has the DNA structures of all of its victims … and rat DNA. It rips out the hearts of its victims.… Read Full Article