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Young Saudis See Cushy Jobs Vanish Along With Nation’s Oil Wealth / الشباب السعودي انظر هين وظائف تتلاشى جنبا إلى جنب مع الثروة النفطية الأمة

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RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — In pressed white robes and clutching crisp résumés, young Saudi men packed a massive hall at a university in the capital city this month to wait in long lines to pitch themselves to employers.… Read Full Article

Why authoritarian rulers are worried / 为什么独裁统治者担心 / لماذا الحكام المستبدين قلقون / Почему авторитарные правители беспокоятся

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140604230420-tiananmen-june-4-gall-8-horizontal-large-galleryChinese Paramilitary police officers stand guard near Tiananmen Square on June 4, 2014 in Beijing, China.

Editor’s Note: Tyler Roylance is a senior editor at Freedom House, a non-government research and advocacy organization dedicated to “the expansion of freedom and democracy around the world.” The views expressed are his own

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  • Tyler Roylance: Authoritarian regimes rely on economic development, aggressive nationalism
  • Democracies have demonstrated ability to endure, adapt, recover, writer says

(CNN) Falling oil prices, pitiless civil wars, and the rapidly growing number of refugees have put much of the world in crisis mode, but authoritarian states are being hit especially hard.

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