Category: Stories of The Third Reich, the Greatest Evil of the 20th Century

Stories of The Third Reich, the Greatest Evil of the 20th Century.

Third Reich – Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica) Complete Documentary

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For the first time, the legendary 2006 Russian documentary ‘Third Reich – Operation UFO’ in its entirety, fully translated into English and available for free viewing.… Read Full Article

Hitler at home — How a media campaign helped sell a dictatorship.

By Patrick Sisson | Original Source

8d289a70-5283-11e5-85e0-8b40c821e7e1_old-chancellery-no-borderA media campaign that focused on Hitler’s residences, such as the Old Chancellery in Berlin, pictured above, helped …

Though it’s incomprehensible now—after decades of historical excavation, in-depth biographies, and international war crimes trials— there was a brief time that the name Adolf Hitler recalled something other than evil.… Read Full Article

Haunting World War II Photos of Paris, Then and Now

| YAHOO! News | Original Source

picOne Paris-based artist decided to dive into the romantic city’s history, painstakingly recreating some of the most haunting photos from World War II.

“I’m interested in Paris history and in the story of these few days in August 1944,” Julien Knez wrote to ABC News of the when the Liberation of Paris was fought, which eventually freed Paris from Nazi control.… Read Full Article

German police find Hitler’s long-lost horse sculptures


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picNazi leader Adolf Hitler commissioned thousands of mostly bronze and marble artworks as he sought to transform Berlin into the world capital “Germania” (AFP Photo/)

Berlin (AFP) – German police Wednesday recovered two life-sized bronze sculptures of horses worth millions that once stood outside Adolf Hitler’s chancellery but vanished in the year the Berlin Wall fell.… Read Full Article

‘Nazi Hideout’ in Argentina Discovered by Archaeologists

| YAHOO! News  <Original Source>

gty_nazi_march_jc_150323_16x9_992Archaeologists say they’ve discovered what they believe to be a Nazi hideout in the middle of an Argentinian jungle.

Six researchers from the University of Buneos Aires and La Plata Museum found the ruins of what is believed to be a hideout in Teyu Cuare Park in northern Argentina near the border with Paraguay, team leader Daniel Schavelzon told ABC News today.… Read Full Article