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Russia’s Deadly Su-35 Needs Some Enemies to Kill

by Dave MajumdarThe National Interest

Dave Majumdar

Security, Europe

While the Su-35S has performed well over Syria, the aircraft has not had an opportunity to face off against other enemy aircraft and show off its potential.

Russia’s Deadly Su-35 Needs Some Enemies to Kill

Nonetheless, the Sukhoi Su-35S Flanker-E is the most potent fighter currently in operation with the Russian Air Force and offers good capability at reasonable prices.Read Full Article

Russia admits defeat on its ‘stealth’ F-35 killer by canceling mass production of the Su-57 fighter jet

By , Business Insider

  • Russia announced earlier this month that the Su-57, its proposed entry into the world of fifth-generation stealth fighters, would not see mass production.
  • The jet had some promising capabilities in combat, but design and production difficulties made it a challenging project with limited export potential.
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How Communism gave birth to the world’s most vicious mafia

By Brayden Simms, New York Post

Gennady Karkov, the notorious Soviet Union gangster known best as “The Mongol,” stood out amid a world of vicious criminals.

At the heart of the cold war, as the United States fought the Soviet Union to economic stagnation, the Russian mafia — called the vory, or “thieves in law” — waged their own private war on the communist state’s criminal capitalist underclass, and The Mongol helped lead the way.… Read Full Article