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Russia carving out a fortress for Assad, say experts / Россия вырезая крепость для Асада, говорят эксперты

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7fbcbed2fb505cff2abdd03d3b701f36845a12dfRussia’s stated aim for military intervention in Syria is to target the Islamic State group, but analysts say it is trying to prop up President Bashar al-Assad’s embattled regime against a broader group of rebels (AFP Photo/Viktor Drachev)

Paris (AFP) – The contours of Russia’s strategy in Syria are emerging as it tries to carve out a rebel-free zone for Bashar al-Assad’s regime and shut out Western forces from his air space.… Read Full Article

Why authoritarian rulers are worried / 为什么独裁统治者担心 / لماذا الحكام المستبدين قلقون / Почему авторитарные правители беспокоятся

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140604230420-tiananmen-june-4-gall-8-horizontal-large-galleryChinese Paramilitary police officers stand guard near Tiananmen Square on June 4, 2014 in Beijing, China.

Editor’s Note: Tyler Roylance is a senior editor at Freedom House, a non-government research and advocacy organization dedicated to “the expansion of freedom and democracy around the world.” The views expressed are his own

Story highlights:

  • Tyler Roylance: Authoritarian regimes rely on economic development, aggressive nationalism
  • Democracies have demonstrated ability to endure, adapt, recover, writer says

(CNN) Falling oil prices, pitiless civil wars, and the rapidly growing number of refugees have put much of the world in crisis mode, but authoritarian states are being hit especially hard.

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俄罗斯和中国的比赛是下一个超级大国 / Russia And China Race To Be Next Superpower

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The increasingly close relationship between Russia and China has been well documented, yet the two nations are increasingly engaged in a race to become the world’s next superpower.


The BRICS agreement

With Russia and China both members of the BRICS grouping, the general consensus of opinion regarding the countries is that they are working together for common benefits.… Read Full Article

Watch These MiG-29s And Su-25s Blast Off From A Highway In Belarus [Посадка самолетов МиГ-29 и Су-25 на АУД. Взлет на боевое применение]

by Tyler Rogoway | Foxtrot Alpha

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Watch These MiG-29s And Su-25s Blast Off From A Highway In Belarus

Dispersed operations from austere locations, once a Cold War necessity, is coming back into tactical fashion around the globe. Some countries, such as Taiwan and Sweden, have continued to train to use long stretches of highway for combat aircraft operations during a time of war, while other nations are beginning to have a renewed interest in the tactic.… Read Full Article

Russia’s Navy Armed and Ready in North Pole, Black Sea; Gorbachev Warns World Can’t Survive Another War

By Reissa Su | International Business Times

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Russia‘s military forces continue to widen its presence in the Arctic region and the Black Sea. Former Soviet Union president Mikhail Gorbachev has once again called for a dialogue between Russia and the United States to prevent a “dangerous freeze” in relations between the two countries.

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Gang of Russian thugs pick on the wrong guy [In the shadow of Fedor, The Bear Rulz]

Surveillance cameras have captured the moment a group of Russian thugs picked on someone their own size and sensationally lost.

Nicolai Vlasenko, a professional boxer and martial arts expert, didn’t take too kindly to the gang harassing his wife to join them at their table at a bar in Starokorsunskaya in Russia’s south.… Read Full Article