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Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tips.

Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — Mindfulness: 3 ways to BE THERE and GET MORE

Some people worship multi-tasking. They talk about multi-tasking as though they’re doing something noble and somehow being more productive. In reality, they’re living their life somewhere else than a state of mindfulness.

I think it’s sad when I see a young couple out on a date, eating at a restaurant, while one of the youngsters spends most of his/her time on a cell phone talking to someone else.… Read Full Article

Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — 3 Best Ways to Bring Out the Best in Others

Have you ever noticed people who’ve got a title without any corresponding talent?

Of course you have.  You’ve seen so-called leaders (team leaders, supervisors, managers, directors, vice presidents, etc.) at work, who know almost nothing about leading others.  And you’ve seen people in your neighborhood who are called parents, but they seldom “parent” their kids.… Read Full Article