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Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tips.

Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — 3 Best Ways to Bring Out the Best in Others

Have you ever noticed people who’ve got a title without any corresponding talent?

Of course you have.  You’ve seen so-called leaders (team leaders, supervisors, managers, directors, vice presidents, etc.) at work, who know almost nothing about leading others.  And you’ve seen people in your neighborhood who are called parents, but they seldom “parent” their kids.… Read Full Article

Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — The One Overlooked Secret of Great Leadership

Great Leadership

I hate … I literally hate the “I’m-a-just-a” phrase.  I hate it when people in my audiences tell me “I’m just a Contract Specialist … or … I’m just an Administrative Assistant … or … I’m just a Sales Associate … or … I’m just a Customer Service Rep … or… I’m just a … and they go on to name one a thousand different things.… Read Full Article

Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — The ONE attitude that will transform you

attitude high

If you think Thanksgiving is all about turkey, football, and Black Friday, you’ve missed the secret of happiness and success.

Thanksgiving is all about ONE attitude.  The attitude of gratitude. 

The people who do not have an attitude of gratitude … who have a take-it-for-granted attitude … or an entitlement attitude … or a nothing-is-ever-good-enough attitude … or a life-is-always-unfair attitude … are destined to live negative and miserable lives.… Read Full Article