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Stories of The Dragon: China, The world’s first Superpower, with eyes everywhere

China seeks to wage ‘unremitting struggle’ against the country’s intellectuals

by Editorial BoardThe Post’s View

WENGUANG SUN, a retired university professor who lives in Jinan, the capital of China’s Shandong province, is one of the oldest living voices of dissent in China. On Aug. 1, he was speaking by telephone to a live broadcast in Mandarin with the Voice of America when he informed the anchor that police had just broken into his home and demanded he stop.… Read Full Article

Is South Korea Pro-China and Anti-Japan? It’s Complicated.

Seoul’s complicated history prevents it from being inherently anti-Tokyo or pro-Beijing.

by Sungtae Jacky Park, The National Interest

In 2014, Japan reinterpreted its constitution to give the Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF) the right to participate in collective self-defense. In response, a South Korean progressive lawmaker said that “Japan, as a country that doesn’t repent for its history of war crimes, has become a nation that can wage war again.” In response to Japan’s 2015 passage of bills to legalize collective self-defense, a South Korean conservative lawmaker criticize the shift as “an attempt by the [Shinzo] Abe government to seize hegemony in East Asia.” These reactions by South Korean politicians no doubt have been motivated by the desire to boost their domestic standings.… Read Full Article

Did China think Donald Trump was bluffing on trade? How Beijing got it wrong.

This story is being published for POLITICO as part of a content partnership with the South China Morning Post. It originally appeared on SCMP on July 26, 2018.

The ruling Communist Party’s tightened control over think tanks and a crackdown on extravagance could be having an impact on how the leadership handles foreign affairs — and weakening Beijing’s understanding of U.S.… Read Full Article