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Misconceptions of China’s economy 对中国经济的误解

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By Brian Wang

Foreign Affairs has an article by Yukon Huang (Senior Fellow Asia Program) that tries to correct misconceptions about China’s economy.

Predictions of China’s future economy have varied wildly.

Among the many popular beliefs are:

* China’s high debt levels will inevitably lead to financial crisis but its debt as a share of GDP places it around the middle of major economies

* Corruption has negative consequences for China’s growth but deepening corruption has facilitated rather than impeded growth

* It is impossible for U.S.… Read Full Article

Is China’s Economy Just A Giant ‘Ponzi Scheme’? 中国经济是巨人“庞氏骗局”吗?

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I write about the political economy of China and its major industries  Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

A rather startling op-ed appeared in the South China Morning Post on Sunday suggesting that the entire Chinese economy is just one giant Ponzi scheme that will inevitably collapse.… Read Full Article

Taiwan Is Suffering From a Massive Brain Drain and the Main Beneficiary is China 台湾遭受大面积流失,主要受益人是中国

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By Nicola Smith / Taipei

Money talks. At least it did for Eddie Chen and, presumably, for many of the 420,000 of his Taiwanese compatriots who opted to earn a higher salary by working in mainland China.

Chen, 26, moved from the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, to Beijing in 2014, first to study a Masters on a full scholarship, and then to work in PR for a major international company.… Read Full Article

Hong Kong’s mini apartments boom as property prices soar 随着物业价格的飙升,香港的小型公寓热潮

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Donny Chan reads on his bed in his apartment, one of a growing number of tiny, upscale units known as “microflats” in Hong Kong, June 10, 2017. Hong Kong’s property developers are scaling down, way down, for younger, middle-class buyers, offering micro-sized upscale apartments with stratospheric price tags.

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《巴黎假期》PARIS H0LIDAY -HK預告片

《巴黎假期》 故事介紹

懷抱著破碎的心,林俊傑(古天樂 飾)離開香港前往法國巴黎展開新生活,透過房屋仲介劉聰(方中信 飾)找到了理想公寓,可是公寓卻附帶了一位失戀藝術家丁曉敏(郭采潔 飾),兩個毫不相干的人就住在同一屋簷下,開展了一段微妙的「同居」生活。兩人在磨擦­­­、失落、體諒中互相窺探了對方最脆弱的內心,他們可否放下過去包袱,重燃對生命的­熱­情­?兩人「釀造」的友誼又能否引領二人開花結果?

7月23日 玩轉巴黎

“Paris Holiday” story

With the broken heart, JJ Lin (Louis Koo Leung) left Hong Kong to Paris to start a new life, through housing intermediary Liu Cong (Fang Zhongxin ornaments) to find the ideal apartment, but the apartment is accompanied by a lovelorn artist Ding Xiaomin The unrelated people live under the same roof and carry out a subtle “cohabitation” life.… Read Full Article

The enemy for China is within / 中国的敌人在内

Business Insider

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By Real Vision TV


For one of Hong Kong’s leading political commentators, with an insider’s perspective of China’s rich history, it’s not the currency, capital flight or a peasant uprising that’s keeping him awake at night.

The “real Black Swan” that China has to face up to is the enemy within — in the upper echelons of the military and government — as well as its inability to transfer power peacefully and the threat of a long and bitter civil war.… Read Full Article