Category: Always into Darkness

That darkest of places, where the monsters always win. A place where, even in the daylight, the endless night prevails.

Short stories in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece Psycho, that are … “Always into Darkness”.

Psycho (1960), Act 01, Scene 05



Mary enters office, crosses to her desk, sits down, rubs her temples, and finally looks over at Caroline, a girl in the last of her teens.

“Isn’t Mr. Lowery back from lunch?”

“He’s lunching with the man who’s buying the Harris Street property, you know, that oil lease man … So that’s why he’s late.”

Caroline has a high, bright, eager-to-talk voice laced with a vague Texan accent.… Read Full Article

Psycho (1960), Act 01, Scene 04





A small, moderately successful office off the main street. A cab pulls up at the curb. We see Mary get out of cab, pays the driver, and crosses the pavement to the office door.… Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 06

The Box


The Box CrossFit: A box is a barebones gym to some, but heaven to a CrossFitter. While many CrossFitters train on their own from home or non-CrossFit gyms, “boxes” have all the equipment necessary for the range of WODs (more on those below) without the bells, whistles, and bicep curl bars of a “chrome-and-tone” gym.… Read Full Article

Psycho (1960), Act 01, Scene 02





A small room, a slow fan buzzing on a shelf above the narrow bed. A card of hotel rules is pasted on the mirror above the bureau. An unopened suitcase and a woman’s clutch handbag are on the bureau.… Read Full Article

Psycho (1960), Act 01, Scene 01





Above the midtown section of the city. It is early afternoon, a hot mid-summer day. The city is sun-blanched white and its drifted-up noises are muted and blanched in their own echoes.… Read Full Article

Psycho (1960), And so it begins …

Starting this Saturday … My adaptation, Psycho (1960), of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Screenplay by Joseph Stefano (Revised December 1, 1959). Based on the novel by Robert Bloch.

Why Screenwriter Joseph Stefano’s Revamped ‘Psycho’ Excited Alfred Hitchcock

by V Renée, No Film School

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is interesting on many levels, namely its narrative structure — for anyone to kill off your star actress halfway through a film meant committing a screenwriting atrocity.… Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 05

12 Monkeys


There once was a serpent who only traveled in one direction: always forward, never backward.

Until one day the serpent came upon a demon.

The demon cursed the serpent, driving him insane—causing him to eat his own tail.Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 04

Discourse on Intercourse


court shoe (British English), or pump (American English), is a shoe with a low-cut front, the vamp, and without a fastening. They are usually worn by women, but are still traditional menswear in some formal situations, where the style is sometimes called an opera slipper or patent pump.… Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 03

White Rose, Black Forest, Mute


An old Amish proverb—“In order to mold her people, God often has to melt them.”


Gravity defying—i.e., the selfware exo looks filled out, just like they are being worn by an invisible person who’s frozen in place.… Read Full Article