Day: March 2, 2018

Continuum, Chapter 09

Prelude to a Kiss

Position vs. Role—For the Borg, your role in society is immutable. Once a Queen, always a Queen. Once a drone, always a drone. There are only three castes in Borg society: the ruling UDG (Upper Data Group), the “advising” Religious Caste, and the ruled LDG (Lower Data Group).… Read Full Article

Xi Jinping May Be President for Life. What Will Happen to China?

China’s move to end a two-term limit on the Presidency confirmed long-standing rumors and cleared the way for Xi Jinping to rule the country for as long as he, and his peers, can abide.Photograph by Lintao Zhang / Getty

By , The New Yorker

In the early nineteen-eighties, decades before Xi Jinping became China’s President, he was a skinny young Communist at a professional crossroads.… Read Full Article