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The Introvert’s Travel Bucket List …, #6 Bhutan

Beach vacations are an obvious option for those who like nothing better than to curl up with a good book, enjoy nature and be left the f*%$ alone. Still, introverts aren’t always in the mood to just chill, and these destinations offer the perfect mix of stimulation and serenity. Here, our 2017 bucket list for the 1/3 of the population whose rich inner lives are rivaled only by their IRL adventures.

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We added this country to everyone’s bucket list last year. It’s not yet overrun with travelers, as Bhutan’s only been open to tourists for four decades and visitors remaining heavily regulated. There are also no Starbucks in Bhutan; instead, you’ll be offered a rather antiquated and therefore quiet experience of authentic Bhutanese life.

What To Eat & Where To Stay: To visit Bhutan, you must go through a travel agency, which will book you into an all-inclusive trip for around $200 per day.

What To Do: Make the 90-minute trek up to Paro Taktsang, a.k.a. Snakes Nest.

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