Month: September 2017

Is China’s Economy Just A Giant ‘Ponzi Scheme’? 中国经济是巨人“庞氏骗局”吗?

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I write about the political economy of China and its major industries  Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

A rather startling op-ed appeared in the South China Morning Post on Sunday suggesting that the entire Chinese economy is just one giant Ponzi scheme that will inevitably collapse.… Read Full Article

Taiwan Is Suffering From a Massive Brain Drain and the Main Beneficiary is China 台湾遭受大面积流失,主要受益人是中国

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By Nicola Smith / Taipei

Money talks. At least it did for Eddie Chen and, presumably, for many of the 420,000 of his Taiwanese compatriots who opted to earn a higher salary by working in mainland China.

Chen, 26, moved from the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, to Beijing in 2014, first to study a Masters on a full scholarship, and then to work in PR for a major international company.… Read Full Article